Tatu (tāh-too) is the name of Sean’s mother, who he credits with his journey into wellness, mindfulness, and yoga. Tatu means three in Swahili and embodies the overall connection between mind, body, and soul. It also represents a key philosophy on which we build this company, the triple bottom line; people, planet, and profit.

Tatu Penrith

Top South African artist Tatu Penrith was one of the country’s most talented paint-effect specialists. Her extraordinary paintings and murals decorate walls, ceilings, and floors throughout the world; among them the official residence of the president of South Africa. Her portfolio showcases various projects created throughout her career. This African Animals collection (seen below) of fun, bright, and colorful paintings was inspired by her grandchild Joshua James.

Each colored arc of the A on the TATU label represents her brushstroke. Each color which denotes the flavor was taken from one of the African pieces below. Although Tatu is no longer with us, her spirit remains a huge part of Sean’s life and a cornerstone for Mindful Proteins.

Visit her Facebook Page to view more of her amazing work.