Why Whey?

Wait… Why Whey?

There are a lot of different protein sources, so why did we choose whey?

It’s simple. It’s the best.

Whey protein is termed a complete protein since it contains all nine essential BCAAs (branched-chain amino acids) and is low in lactose content. This aids in developing lean muscle mass and muscle recovery after any physical workout within the anabolic window (20-45 minutes after your workout). 

There are three primary types of whey; whey protein concentrate (contains protein, fats and carbs), whey protein isolate (contains protein), and whey protein hydrolysate (enhanced for digestion). Whey protein isolate is among the most efficient and digestible proteins for humans scoring 1.0 for protein digestibility (highest possible score) compared to beef at 0.92, pea protein at 0.73, black beans at 0.53, lentils at 0.52, and wheat gluten at 0.25.  

According to The International Society of Sports Nutrition, since muscle recovery relies on three main types of BCAAs being leucine, isoleucine, and valine, whey is perfect since it boasts high levels of leucine, the chief player in muscle protein synthesis.

Whey is also being applied to address asthma, obesity, cardiovascular disease, stress, osteoporosis, weight loss, high cholesterol, and cancer. Improved immune system protection and decreased degrees of inflammation are also positive impacts of whey protein.

We know there are benefits of other protein options. In fact, we plan to explore plant-based options as we create new products and expand our offerings. Stay tuned. Click here to share your protein product ideas or suggestions!


Then… Why New Zealand Whey?

At Mindful Proteins, we try to source all of our ingredients locally and with great care. Why then, you ask, do we source our whey from New Zealand? 

One simple reason, Fonterra’s commitment to caring for animals.  In addition to their extremely high effort for the humane treatment and care for animals, Fonterra is opposed to cloning, avoids growth hormones, avoids rBST, and advocates for humane end of life care. The cows that Fonterra sources their dairy products from are 96% grass fed and spend 350 days each year on pasture. On top of all Fonterra’s efforts, the New Zealand government prohibits animal growth hormones in the use of dairy farming. Mindful Proteins wants the best ingredients in our products, and New Zealand whey is all around the best we can find.