About Us

About Us

Our mission is to create a family of high-protein, functional foods and beverages made from healthy and simple ingredients.

Our vision is to build Mindful Proteins on solid principles of sustainability and product stewardship to align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, becoming the #1 source for functional protein. We will begin first with the yoga community and then expand into other high intensity sports where the benefits of hydration and muscle recovery are recognized. Once we have established our brand, we will finally address the pediatric, gravida, and geriatric segments where protein is vital.

Our reason stems from working at the crosshairs of climate change and how alarmed we are at how modern agricultural is depleting soil health. Increasing levels of carbon emissions being absorbed by the planet’s plants and crops are causing a drop off in natural protein production. Farmers are encouraged to grow crops regardless of current supply, demand, environmental consequences, or ability to actually nourish Americans. While American diets should consist of a variety of fruits, vegetables, grains, meats, and dairy products, the heavily subsidized commodities have assumed an outsized role in most Americans’ diets, contributing to obesity levels and high blood sugar levels.

Our line of products will deliver high quality and honest nourishment with an emotive brand that encourages our tribe to pursue a more mindful life that is centered on wellness and balance.

Our Team


Sean and his son, Quinn, practicing while in Paris for the 2015 Paris Agreement on climate change.

Sean Penrith – Co-Founder/CEO   spenrith@mindfulproteins.com

I have had the luxury of immersing myself in a number of industries throughout my career, all connected by the thread of sustainability. I started a distribution company in Argentina for automatic pool cleaners, reducing the need to empty pools every fortnight for cleaning. I co-founded a sustainable glassware manufacturing company with facilities in South Africa (my country of origin), the U.K., and the U.S.A. After selling the glass company, I moved to Oregon to lead an energy efficiency and sustainability start-up, growing it to a team of 50 with 9 programs in 18 states. Next, I was managing director for a software firm focused on developing triple-bottom line climate risk impact predictive analytics to Fortune 1000 companies. Most recently, I led the pivot of The Climate Trust to launch Climate Trust Capital, a carbon impact fund focused on investing in natural working lands to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions.

My yoga journey started in 2010 when I tore both meniscuses in my knees, preventing me from walking up stairs without searing pain. Eventually my mother, Tatu, convinced me to avoid any medical procedures and instead try yoga. I know that the combination of yoga, meditation, and diet was the secret cocktail for my enhanced sense of well being, contentedness, and empathy. Yoga saved my life in more ways than one. Thanks to my mother, I was set on the path of pursuing a life immersed with wellness and intention.


Jacoba Gundle – Co-Founder/COO      jgundle@mindfulproteins.com



Columbia River Gorge, Government Cove

I met Sean while working with him at The Climate Trust. I could tell instantly that we were aligned on many things, including the importance of living a life connected with sustainability. I have an undergraduate degree in Environmental Science from Humboldt State University, and a Master’s in Public Administration, emphasis in natural resource policy and administration from Portland State University.

I am a Pacific Northwest girl at heart, originally from Juneau, Alaska and raised right outside of Portland, Oregon. I grew up outdoors and very active. My parents signed me up for every sport under the sun. I started playing soccer at the age of six, and haven’t stopped yet. I ran my first full marathon in 2012, and have ran in dozens of races since then. I began practicing yoga six years ago as a way to cross train for the many activities I’ve participated in over the years, and I continue to integrate it into my life because of its incredible benefits.