Annual Benefit Report

Annual Benefit Report


Mindful Proteins is a registered corporation of the State of Oregon and an Oregon Benefit Company since 2019 certified by Benefit Corporations for Good. Based in the Portland metropolitan area, Mindful Proteins works to provide clean functional foods and beverages made with simple and healthy ingredients.


Our mission is to create a family of high-protein, functional foods and beverages made from healthy and simple ingredients.

Our vision is to build Mindful Proteins on solid principles of sustainability and product stewardship to align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, becoming the #1 source for functional protein. We will begin first with the yoga community and then expand into other high intensity sports where the benefits of hydration and muscle recovery are recognized. Once we have established our brand, we will finally address the pediatric, gravida, and geriatric segments where protein is vital.

Our reason stems from working at the crosshairs of climate change and how alarmed we are at how modern agricultural is depleting soil health. Increasing levels of carbon emissions being absorbed by the planet’s plants and crops are causing a drop off in natural protein production. Farmers are encouraged to grow crops regardless of current supply, demand, environmental consequences, or ability to actually nourish Americans. While American diets should consist of a variety of fruits, vegetables, grains, meats, and dairy products, the heavily subsidized commodities have assumed an outsized role in most Americans’ diets, contributing to obesity levels and high blood sugar levels.

Our line of products will deliver high quality and honest nourishment with an emotive brand that encourages our tribe to pursue a more mindful life that is centered on wellness and balance.






Summary Review of Year


-Found local suppliers for ingredients

-Worked with local companies for co-packing

-Formed advisory board of experts for advice and accountability


-Developed sustainability webpage

-Developed and published UN Sustainable Development Goals webpage

-Signed up as a member of 1% for the Planet


-Further developed our COGS and financial models

-Became a benefit corporation

-Started developing a website that include e-commerce options

Coming Year


-Hire locally for individuals who aim to help grow our company and align with our values

-Provide our customers with high quality, better-for-you, nutritional options

-Give back to the community by volunteering


-Continue searching for innovative, environmentally friendly packaging options

-Grow revenue for 1% for the Planet donation to make an impact


-Launch TATU Protein Water, our first in a line of other high-protein products

-Grow the brand with like-minded retail outlets and stores

-Launch our e-commerce website


2020 was an interesting year for all. The COVID 19 pandemic definitely impacted our goals and business in ways we did not expect. The pandemic gave us time to thoroughly research our options and ensure that we were ready for our first launch. We are proud of the progress we made this year, and feel that we made each decision mindfully, as our company name implies. 2021/2022 will be a big year for Mindful Proteins, and we cannot wait to start working towards our goals.