We are a small company with massive aspirations to become the leading source for functional food and beverages that are simple, safe, and healthy.

Please, join our mindful family!

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Our mission is to create a family of high-protein, functional foods and beverages made from healthy and simple ingredients.

Our reason stems from working at the crosshairs of climate change and how alarmed we are at how modern agricultural is depleting soil health. Increasing levels of carbon emissions being absorbed by the planet’s plants and crops are causing a drop off in natural protein production. Farmers are encouraged to grow crops regardless of current supply, demand, environmental consequences, or ability to actually nourish Americans. While American diets should consist of a variety of fruits, vegetables, grains, meats, and dairy products, the heavily subsidized commodities have assumed an outsized role in most Americans’ diets, contributing to obesity levels and high blood sugar levels.

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TATU is a clean label, delicious drink, packaged in a sustainable container. Find out more about TATU and why we created it…

The TATU Protein Water product, Mindful Proteins and the company's alignment with UN Sustainable Development goals and the long term mission to service the communities you shared. You hit many areas of interest for me, from product to purpose! 


I'm excited for it to be released to the masses it's a wonderful product!


"Loved it! Super refreshing while i drank it."

"Like, good taste, great idea."

"Yes! Great, flavorful!"

"Very yummy, refreshing, feels rejuvenating."

Yogi's during yoga retreat

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